Article Writing Bonanza: Why Write Articles?

If you’re an experienced online marketer, you already know the benefits of writing articles. You know that articles are a literal bonanza. Each one adds dollars to your bottom line.

I’ve been working with new marketers over the past couple of weeks however, and they’re much less certain of the benefits of articles.

Here are some benefits, off the top of my head:

* Presence: the more your name appears in Google, the more traffic to your site, and the more sales;

* They’re a networking tool. BONANZAJP Others will approach you on the basis of your articles. You’ll make useful contacts;

* Credibility. You can’t argue with excess. Once you have dozens of articles online, or even hundreds, you’re an expert, and that expertise positions you and gives you credibility. You’ll make more sales, because of that credibility;

* Each article you write will keep on working for you for years. I’m still making sales from articles I wrote six years ago.

The biggest benefit to my mind of writing articles however is this: articles inspire my creativity. When I’m writing one article, I get ideas for others, and ideas for products I can sell.

Articles are the basis of my online information product business.

But what if article writing is a challenge for you?

It can be a challenge in two ways: you may feel that getting ideas is a struggle, or the actual writing process may be a struggle.

Get Ideas With Lateral Thinking

If getting ideas for articles is a struggle, think laterally. When something is lateral, it’s “situated at or extending to the side.” Another term for lateral thinking is associative thinking.

For example, let’s say you want to write an article about weight loss. You’re out of ideas. Give yourself permission to be wild. Spend five minutes writing down anything and everything associated with weight loss, no matter how outrageous. Indeed, give yourself permission to be outrageous.

Make a list of five article titles, drawn from your lateral thinking.

Draft, then Write Fast: Your Draft Doesn’t Need to Make Sense

Under each title, describe the article you could write, if you wanted to. Then, without thinking about it, choose ONE article, and write it, as quickly as possible.

This early writing is your initial draft. It doesn’t need to make sense. Write words, sentence fragments, write anything at all. Write without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

Tomorrow, tidy up your draft, and rewrite it. Hey presto — you have an article, and I’m sure, ideas for dozens more.

Writing articles can be the key to making money online. Keep writing, and a month from now, you’ll know why YOU should write articles.



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