Digital Asset Management For Photographers

When you work in media, there is nothing more important than managing your digital assets. Images, audio and film are your business – you should be taking care of the files on your computer as you would any physical stock. Digital asset management allows you more versatility and keeps your data safe from possible loss due to hard drive failure, theft or damage.

What is Digital Asset Management?

It is everything that comes after taking the picture, capturing the video or recording the sound. DAM is simply how you manage the files and media that you create.

Digital Asset Management software refers to tools and software suites designed to help you better organise and care for your digital assets.

What can DAM software do for me and my business?

Basic software could be compared to almost any image library program. Software like iPhoto is a form of DAM, albeit a very simple one.

When it was first developed, Digital Asset Management and image library software was primarily used to organise and catalogue files and media. It would help you to create an easy-to-browse library and history of your work. digital asset management 

Backup and security is another aspect of DAM software that has improved greatly with the spread of the Internet. Most DAM software gives you the ability to cloud host your files on an off-site server. This means if anything does go wrong, you will always be able to access your files.

Advanced features include sharing tools that let entire photography and media studios share resources and access projects in real time. Because files are hosted in the cloud, they can be retrieved from any computer given access. DAM software can greatly improve project completion time and improve efficiency between groups.

For photographers, this software also allows you to create, email and share portfolios and completed files with clients with the click of a button. Send a collection of your work at live events to one client or pick a few wedding shots for another – files can be downloaded directly from the cloud when access is granted.

Digital Asset Management is incredibly important for anyone working in photography or media from large studios to individuals. New technology and a wealth of sophisticated features allows you to do so much more with your data. Find a solution that works for you, improve efficiency and create a more secure database of your work.

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