Role of Dieting and a Personal Trainer in Weight Loss and Overall Health

Bothered by the damage it causes to their appearance and overall health, most people try a multitude of options to lose weight. Some go on a diet, starving, only to repent that their efforts though in the right spirit did not bear fruit. Others take to exercise to shed excess flab. What most people fail to recognize is that the extra fat was not accumulated in a week or a month. An experienced personal trainer knows the intricacies of the body’s structure and function and will guide you towards achieving the ideal weight and perfect health.

Majority of people equate dieting with skipping a meal or total elimination cbd schlaftropfen kaufen of certain food items from their diet. It is the quality of food that matters and not the quantity. Dieting basically means healthy eating and is essential to maintaining good health. The energy requirements of the body and the energy value of food items are expressed in calories. A personal trainer will tailor a specific diet plan that will achieve the short term objective of weight loss and the long term goal of perfect health.

The human body requires a minimum amount of calories to perform normal bodily functions like digestion and respiration even at rest. When this is added to the calories required for carrying out other physical activities during the day you will get the total calorie requirement in a day. If calorie consumption equals the calorie requirement, then the current weight is maintained. If calorie consumption exceeds the requirements there is gain in weight. There will be loss of weight if calorie consumption is below the requirement.

Exercise for weight loss can be either aerobic or anaerobic. Aerobic exercise basically involves activities like jogging, swimming etc that concentrate on improving the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. The heart muscles are strengthened, circulatory oxygen is increased and the basal metabolic rate builds up due to nervous stimulation. Anaerobic exercises basically involve weight training that results in loss of fat tissue and strengthening and toning of the muscles involved. A personal trainer will specify the exercises best suitable to your body type and design an exercise plan accordingly.

Both diet and exercise are equally important in losing weight and maintaining it steadily. Scientific studies have shown that certain diets cause a rapid loss of fat tissue but there is loss of muscle mass, strength and capacity. Exercise on the other hand though slowly but surely and steadily helps to shed fat and boosts muscle strength and tonicity. Your body will be back to its overweight self if you revert to the old dietary habits after losing weight. Regular exercise done under the supervision of an expert personal trainer will ensure that you not only lose weight but also keep it off permanently.

An ideal way to ensure that you stay in the pink of health is to seek the help of a certified personal trainer with proven credentials. He will inspire and motivate you to exercise regularly and eat right so that you maintain an ideal weight which is essential for good overall health.


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