Set An Attractive Price to Sell Your Car Fast

There are many reasons why a person needs to sell a car fast and just as many why a car won’t sell fast. The most common reason for the need to sell a car quickly is to raise cash for an urgent need. But before you put your car in the marketplace, it’s important to make a car as presentable as possible and to also establish in your mind a floor price, or an offer sell used car you will walk away from because it is too low. But be realistic in your price expectations because an unreasonable price is a major factor in why a car won’t sell fast.

Making the car presentable and as defect-free as you can make it is possible with some DIY skills and TLC. Obviously, if you need to sell your car fast, you are most probably on a low budget and don’t have the funds or time to have a mechanic and a detailer make the car presentable for you. Clean and wax your car as best you can and pay attention to the nooks and crannies in your car, because meticulous buyers will inspect the suspension and under the carpets, as well as check for cracked hoses or frayed belts under the hood. Clean the interior thoroughly too and invest in a dressing to make the interior look fresh. A worn-looking car will make the buyer suspicious that it wasn’t maintained properly and that’s one of the reasons why a car won’t sell fast.

If there are things you can’t repair and don’t have the budget for a mechanic, be transparent with your ad and mention the defect. Buyers would like to see what they expect based on your published description and a defect that wasn’t mentioned can be a deal breaker.

But the primary reason why a car won’t sell fast is the price that you set. Any car selling for 10,000 dollars below the median will have buyers crashing through your door but you obviously want to get the best price for your car. So, thoroughly research the upper and lower price range for your car, taking into account the prices vs. the mileages, overall condition, features and accessories. Remember that competing cars will be those that come from other brands too, not just the same brand and model. Basically then, the major reasons why a car won’t sell fast are:

– Too high an asking price
– Misrepresentation (unmentioned defect, pictures didn’t show dents or scratches, etc.)
– Improper documentation
– Unwillingness of seller to negotiate with the price

When you need or want to sell your car fast, you must have some downward flexibility with your price and other arrangements, otherwise you will be one of the many wondering why a car won’t sell fast.

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