She Won’t Return My Calls or Texts – What Do I Do After I Get a Girl’s Phone Number?

What do I do after I get a girl’s phone number?

You’ve finally done it. You approached a girl. You talked to the girl. You handed her your phone to put in the digits. You even called her right then and there because “you don’t answer unfamiliar numbers.” And now you have her phone number. These ten digits are going to be the gateway to getting into her pants.

Then you call girls in islamabad text her, and get no response. Or you get a response, but the conversation is cold. You can’t figure out what went wrong. You did everything right. You did the hard part, getting her to go out on a date with you should be easy. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

You see, girls give out there numbers all the time. While may get a few phone numbers a night, a girl can, and will, give her number out to any guy who approaches her. All of a sudden, twenty guys have her number.

Why do girls do this?

For some girls, it’s an ego boost. Other girls feel “bad” saying no. And other girls may have no romantic interest in any of these guys. They are just looking to expand their social circle and increase the number of orbiters they have.

Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter.

You have her phone number, now you need to figure out what to do with it.

Should I call her or text her?

My #1 option is texting

There are a bunch of systems and philosophies on “text game” out there. I don’t use any of them. If you banter and flirt the whole time, that’s all the game you need. What I’m trying to do is screen them. A girl has to be interesting enough for me to want to spend the evening with her. I also value a girl who is educated and who knows how to communicate. If you can’t hold a text conversation with me via text, then you really aren’t worth my time.

My first text message usually is “hey wats up, it’s Kevin, the DJ from last night.” Or something else that reminds the girl how we met and how I ended up with her phone number.

Then the conversation starts, and possibly continues. I make sure to banter and flirt the whole time. If it doesn’t it’s really not a big deal. The girl just saved me a ton of time and energy.

If a girl “flakes” or is boring, I have a three strikes rule. I give a girl three chances to impress me. If that doesn’t happen, then I move on. There are so many girls out there, why waste time on the girls that you aren’t compatible with.

What are your 3 most effective strategies when talking to girls on the phone?

1. Play the “numbers” game

The best way to play the phone number game is to play it the same way girls play it. Start collecting phone numbers. If you have 4 or 5 (or more) girls that you are talking to, it becomes less of a big deal when one of them stops returning your texts.

Also, it allows you to become the selector, not the selectee. The game changes when you are the one choosing the girl.

2. Vary the time between texts

You don’t want to respond to every text right away. Sometimes you should to wait a few minutes to a few hours to respond. This makes it seem like you have a life and have something better to do than spend all day on your phone. Which brings me to my last point…

3. Actually HAVE something better to do

Don’t become either a slave to your phone, or to “picking up women.” The best way to get pickup a girl is by having something better to do than pickup women. You don’t want to come off as desperate and starved for attention. So don’t be desperate and starved. In order to do that you need to have hobbies, passions, and dreams. Have things in your life that are more important than getting laid. That, however, is for a different article.

How do I get a girl to want to go out with me?

If you’ve been bantering and flirting enough over the phone, you may find that you actually like a girl. Next is the final test. See if she wants to hang out sometime. You can do a formal “coffee/drinks” date. Or you can have her hang out with you when you are out and about with friends. Be easy going about it, and don’t sweat it if she says no. You not only have four other girls you are talking to, you have better things to do as well.


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