Treatment For Fearful Fliers

It is estimated that 25 million people are afraid to fly. That estimate doesn’t include the people who fly,but still suffer anxiety from flying. People suffer from fear of flying because they fear giving up control to a total stranger. But, they give up control everyday to doctors, & dentist were tens of thousands of people die every year to malpractice. In comparison, airplane accidents averages about 100 fatalities a year. In some years there were no aircraft fatalities. The average car fatalities is 40,000 a year. If you still have a fear of flying whats important to know is that you are not alone. There are lots’ of people out there at one time,or another who had a phobia of flying. In order to overcome your fear of flying you must have a strong desire to. Let me explain some of the benefits to overcoming your fear of flying:

1) Getting job promotions

2) Cheaper then driving

3) Time saved

4) More leisure/vacation time

5) Quality time visiting family

6) Get to travel the world

Now that your’e motivated to get treatment for fear of flying we could now discuss some options. One option is prescription Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online
drugs like Xanax that slows down the central nervous system. It is an anti-anxiety medication. It eases tenseness. Some of the side affects are drowsiness, swelling of your lips, & unconsciousness. Xanax does work for some people, but you should always consult with your doctor to Buy Xanax Online see if your’e a good candidate for it. Another method of treatment is hypnosis. Hypnotherapy involves a therapist relaxing your state of mind, & using relaxing techniques such as EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, or hypnosis. EFT is is like acupuncture except they don’t use needles. Furthermore, dvd’s courses could be a viable option for fearful fliers. Some of these dvds courses may teach all of the techniques I discussed plus answer many question you wanted to know.

However, my favorite treatment for fearful fliers is to take a fear of flying class. Its one thing to be reassured that flying is the safest form of transportation, but its even better to understand it from a group session of a professional instructor, or therapist. Many of these programs are taught by a pilot, therapist,or flight attendant. Not only do you get to interact in a group setting, but you realize that your’e not alone. You get to share ideas & learn what programs work for others. Hopefully, you get to talk to a pilot & ask questions you always wanted to know. Often times, the class may include breathing techniques & perhaps a virtual reality demo. Virtual reality has been the latest tool used to help with fear of flying treatment. A fear of flying class also serves as a good way for moral support from the group. All of these methods will help in someway. Each method will benefit each person differently.


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